When protecting a large area or a critical infrastructure, it might be required to have several detection and / or neutralisation systems in order to minimise shadow zones and to efficiently coordinate the perimeter security. In addition, it is necessary that these systems communicate in real-time with each other and that can be controlled remotely. For this purpose, these systems must be integrated and be part of a common environment. We call this environment the SENDES Ecosystem. 


Thanks to ourSENDES Ecosystem, detection systems (i.e. SENDES DAU or SENDESCOPE) can share, in real time, all the gathered telemetry data from the detected drone flights. This data is then transmitted by either 4G LTE or Ethernet RJ45 to the SENDES Core (the intelligence of the ecosystem), where it is handled and processed to then be displayed in the SENDES GATE (the interface of the ecosystem). Finally, and depending on the systems’ connectivity, as well as the logic implemented in the SENDES Core, neutralisation systems (i.e. SENDES SJ) can be activated either remotely or automatically. 

Furthermore, due to the way our ecosystem is designed – based on interoperability & scalability – our detection and / or neutralisation systems can seamlessly operate and work together with third-party C-UAS systems, as well as with other C-UAS technologies.