The SENDESCOPE is our portable drone detection system. With a weight inferior than 9.5 kg and with dimensions of 405 x 330 x 170 mm, it is the perfect system for the detection of drones in temporary airspaces, such as official visits, concerts, demonstrations, or even commercial events. 

In order to increase the versatility and safety of the operation, the SENDESCOPE has the possibility of being powered by either external batteries (which provide an autonomy of up to 2h) or standard power socket connection. 


The SENDESCOPE is able to detect, identify and track all drones that operate with DJI technology (i.e. WiFi, Lightbridge or OcuSync) within a radius of up to 5 km. The information gathered by this detection system is transmitted in real time to the SENDES Core and comprises, among others, the following fields: 

  • Drone manufacturer and model. 
  • Flight controller serial number.
  • GNSS coordinates of the drone, pilot and take-off point.
  • Drone speed and height. 


This drone detection system can be integrated in the SENDES Ecosystem, with which can share all the real-time telemetry data of the detected drones. To share this data, the SENDESCOPE must be connected via 4G LTE to the SENDES Core (the intelligence of the ecosystem), where it is handled and managed, to then be displayed in the SENDES Gate (the interface of the ecosystem). This way, the SENDESCOPE becomes a dynamic detection node, as on top of all the telemetry data information, the SENDESCOPE also transmits its own position in real time to display it on the SENDES Gate. 

The SENDESCOPE can also operate by itself; with no connection to the SENDES Ecosystem. For this purpose, the detected drone flight data (basic, compared to the data represented on the SENDES Gate) will be displayed in the tablet that features the system.  


For certain scenarios, it may be required to equip the SENDESCOPE with the neutralisation capabilities that can be seen in the SENDES SJ-360. With this purpose in mind, we have designed the SENDESCOPE SJ: an “all-in-one” portable system capable of detecting drones and neutralising them by inhibiting the control transmission and / or the GNSS satellite signal reception. 

Additionally, and depending on whether there is a connection with the SENDES Ecosystem and its configuration, the SENDESCOPE SJ can perform a manual neutralisation (activated from the system itself), a remote neutralisation (activated from the SENDES Gate) or an automatic neutralisation (activated in the event that a drone flying with certain flight parameters is detected).